Why Choose Obsessive Analytics?

Given how critical and sensitive customer data is, why should you trust an external consultant with something so near and dear? We hope this page can answer that question both from a "why a consultant?" and a "why specifically us?" perspective. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Why Obsessive Analytics?

We have worked with clients in many industries, ranging from SaaS to e-commerce, gaming, D2C web portals, and everything in-between, so we know that there is no "one size fits all" solution. We’re a group of data nerds who are passionate about finding the right solution for you!

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Data Engineering <> BI

We’re a full-service data integration consultancy firm. We work with both the data inputs and data outputs to marry the data engineering side with business intelligence.

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Faster Time to Value

We’ve worked with numerous types of businesses over the years – SaaS, B2B, B2C, and agencies, all of which have their own unique data needs.

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Learn from our Experiences

We have learned a lot of things over the years – both good and bad. Learn from our mistakes so you don’t have to.

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20 Years of Experience

We have a collective 20 years experience in data engineering and data analysis. We have successfully planned and implemented data strategies to align and complement business objectives and we can help you with yours.

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Industry Credentials

We hold certifications from DBT, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services to name a few. We know a ton of tools and can help you find which one is right for you.

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Trusted Partners

We are trusted partners with various data tools and systems: RudderStack, Segment, and Intercom.

Why Choose a Consultant?

Large-scale data initiatives can be daunting. Every software vendor sales rep promises that their solution can do it all and internal office politics can make even that selection process harder than it needs to be, say nothing of actually planning and implementing a modern data stack. Consultants, such as Obsessive Analytics, provide a neutral perspective and accelerate data initiatives, thanks to instant access to the specialized skillsets that are required to get the most out of your investment in your data infrastructure.

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Get Moving Faster

Data and BI teams can be costly to find and keep, especially when you may not have enough work to fully utilize them.

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Neutral Viewpoint

We’re data nerds first and foremost and we care about delivering truth. Our goal is to give you the best data possible, not to play office politics.

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Greater Scalability

Scaling consulting services up (and down) is a lot easier and quicker than managing the staffing levels of data experts.

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Cost Efficient

Knowing the myriad of data & BI tools, as well as data struggles is a job requirement for consultants. Skip the trial and error phase and get the right tool, the right dashboard -- right now!

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Skill Development

Data and BI is what we do every day. We can help you build up data literacy and skills across your organization, or help with hiring and onboarding new data roles!

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Project Management

Knowledge retention, redundancy, documentation, and project planning are the bread and butter of consultants. We can make sure your data stack doesn't crumble when a team member moves on.

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