How to Ingest Email CSVs Into a CDP Like RudderStack

By Max Werner, published: 2022-03-14

Our friends over at MacMillan Search had a great post on MOZ, where he uses Google Script to add report data from an email to a Google Sheet. Naturally that got my attention and I wondered how we could do that with a CDP instead.

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Salesforce Destination Support - Segment vs RudderStack

By Max Werner, published: 2021-11-17

It's easy to think that because CDP 1 and CDP 2 both support the same destination, they would behave the same, but that is very much not the case. Let's take a look at how Twilio Segment and RudderStack both handle the Salesforce destination in their own special ways.

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Person holding chart and bar graph. Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Making RudderStack Ad-Blocker Proof in 66 Lines of Code

By Max Werner, published: 2021-08-26 & updated: 2021-11-13

Today we’ll look at how we can make sure that the RudderStack SDK cannot be blocked by ad-blockers or a browser’s privacy feature, whether you go with hosted RudderStack or self-host it. The secret ingredient here either way is: CloudFlare Workers!

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AWS & RudderStack Logos

Ingesting a Webhook with AWS API Gateway and RudderStack

By Max Werner, published: 2021-07-30 & updated: 2021-11-13

This post will show you step-by-step how to setup a simple way to ingest an incoming webhook with RudderStack, using a AWS Lambda Function, hooked up to the AWS API Gateway, with built-in API key security!

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