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assorted electrical cables Photo by @framesforyourheart - Ravi Avaala from UnsplashWhen do you need a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

Published Jul 28, 2023

With some common baseline of what exactly makes what we would call "a CDP" from (Part 1), we can move on to when it makes sense to consider adding one to your own tech stack. We will discuss common warning signs and problems in day-to-day data work that can be helped with a Customer Data Platform at the center.

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assorted electrical cables Photo by @barkiple - John Barkiple from UnsplashWhat is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

Published Jul 14, 2023

There's a lot of conflicting information out there as to what a Customer Data Platform or CDP is and what it can do for you and your tech stack. That's why we here at OA, created a series on CDPs to help you have a better understanding to be able to make better informed decisions on whether or not a CDP is the best solution for you. This is part one, outlining what we would call a Customer Data Platform.

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photo of a map with pushpins in itHow to Add IP Geolocation to RudderStack transformations with ipdata

Published Jun 19, 2023

Enriching client data with IP Geolocation information can be a valuable asset in rounding out your data collection strategy. Besides knowing (roughly) where visitors are coming from, you can also use IP data to block events from bad actors. In this post we'll give a quick glimpse at using RudderStack transformations with `` to do just that!

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RudderStack Data Stack Show Episode Cover Picture featuring Max Werner from Obsessive AnalyticsObsessive Anayltics Featured on RudderStack's Data Stack Show

Published Nov 25, 2022

In episode 114 of RudderStack's Data Stack Show, I had a great chat with Eric Dodds from RudderStack the other day about the nature of customer data infrastructure consulting across different industries and company sizes. It's about 50 minutes long. Have a listen!

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Featured Image with rudderstack logoHow to Ingest Email CSVs Into a CDP Like RudderStack

Published Mar 14, 2022

Our friends over at MacMillan Search had a great post on MOZ, where he uses Google Script to add report data from an email to a Google Sheet. Naturally that got my attention and I wondered how we could do that with a CDP instead.

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Featured Image for post about salesforce in segment and rudderstack displaying their iconsSalesforce Destination Support - Segment vs RudderStack

Published Nov 17, 2021

It's easy to think that because CDP 1 and CDP 2 both support the same destination, they would behave the same, but that is very much not the case. Let's take a look at how Twilio Segment and RudderStack both handle the Salesforce destination in their own special ways.

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Person holding chart and bar graph.Making RudderStack Ad-Blocker Proof in 66 Lines of Code

Published Aug 26, 2021, updated Nov 13, 2021

Today we’ll look at how we can make sure that the RudderStack SDK cannot be blocked by ad-blockers or a browser’s privacy feature, whether you go with hosted RudderStack or self-host it. The secret ingredient here either way is: CloudFlare Workers!

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AWS API Gateway, Lambda, RudderStack LogosIngesting a Webhook with AWS API Gateway and RudderStack

Published Jul 30, 2021, updated Nov 13, 2021

This post will show you step-by-step how to setup a simple way to ingest an incoming webhook with RudderStack, using a AWS Lambda Function, hooked up to the AWS API Gateway, with built-in API key security!

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