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Level Up Analytics
  • Feeling stuck with Google Analytics and Tag Manager?
  • Moving Data around spreadsheets manually?
  • Troubled by ad-blockers?
Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)
  • Realize you need a data warehouse?
  • Looking to unify data across your MarTech stack?
  • Every Sales Rep telling you their CDP will do it all and you need a neutral opinion?
Data Infrastructure
  • Not sure how to implement and grow a data warehouse?
  • Want to import data from your CRM, Marketing, Billing systems into your warehouse?
  • Looking for a structured way to model and activate your data?

Case Studies & Testimonials

At Obsessive Analytics we know that no two companies have the same needs.

Check out the wide array of data services we are known for!

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Segment Data Momentum Awards 2019

Proposify & Segment

An ETL workflow designed for Proposify won us one of Segment's Data Momentum Awards in 2019.

Check Segment's announcement of the winners here
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Webinars with RudderStack


We've partnered up with RudderStack to give a number of webinars all around data engineering and CDPs.

Check out the list of webinars here
Research Firm Logos, GLG, Guidepoint, Mosaic

Trusted Research Firms

Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), Guidepoint, Mosaic Research Management

Obsessive Analytics has performed a number of consultations with these industry leading research firms.