Transforming Data with RudderStack Webinar on August 5, 2021

By Max Werner

On Jul 29, 2021

Updated Nov 13, 2021

Stock image of code

My friends at RudderStack invited me back to host a webinar with Ryan McCrary, Customer Success Engineer at RudderStack. This one will be all about one of Rudder's core features, and one I love the most; transformations!

Long story short they are little JS function attached to an event stream at the destination level and they let you do do whatever you need to do to an event stream. Everything from dropping events to completely changing an identify() call to something completely different. And the best part is that you can do it all in a bit of JavaScript code. No clunky UI to perform limited operations on parts of some events, if it works in JS, it works in RudderStack's transformations.

You can register here: I'll be showing a few things during the live demo part and will post the various code snippets right here, so check back soon!

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