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At Obsessive Analytics we strive to solve your data pain-points. So instead of just listing the endless list of technologies and frameworks, we'll share some of the data issues we can help you with.

Analytics Services

Google Analytics is great if you’re interested in the basics of who is coming to your site and maybe what they do there - and of course it is free. But did you know that 42% of web users globally use ad blocking extensions? This means that almost half of your visitors' hits will not be captured by these default tools.

We can help you build sophisticated tracking solutions that not just capture 100% of visitor information but also keep you in control of your data.. For example, check out our post about making the JS SDK from our friends at RudderStack (a popular Customer Data Platform) completely ad-blocker proof over here

How to make RudderStack Ad-Blocker proof

Customer Data Platform (CDP) Services

Spreadsheets are great for quick and dirty analysis of the occasional ad-hoc report. But at a certain point (for example the moment you start linking spreadsheets to another) that is just not a scalable solution to provide actionable and reliable insights for your business anymore. Here at OA we’ve helped clients design and implement complete data collection and warehousing solutions in all the major cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Microsoft Azure.

We can help you organize your current spreadsheet stack into a data warehouse and implement data modeling tools on top of your warehouse so that your analysts have a single and reliable source of truth to run your reports from.

Consider the following scenarios to see if a CDP solution might be right for you:

  • How many different 3rd Party scripts are running on your website?
  • How many of them are individually implemented?
  • How many of those reliably track the same data?
  • How long is the scroll-bar on your Google Tag Manager container?
  • Do your CRM, Email Platform, and Analytics tools all give you the same answer to the same question like 'How many visitors converted this week'?

Data Infrastructure Services

A common misconception is that tools like spreadsheets and free tools like Google Analytics and Tag Manager (GTM) are free - They are not. As your company grows, these tools will cost you more and more of your most valuable resource - your employees' time.

Manually exporting CSVs, manipulating them in spreadsheets, and importing them into tools is a massive, error prone, time sink. We can help you plan out a data infrastructure that fits your needs and will help you prevent wasting this time and get your organization the information you need in an automated way or even with self-serve capabilities.

At OA we can help you with setting up and scaling data warehouses, Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), including of course reverse ETL, services, as well as automated data pipelines. If you ever thought about blending your payment data with your CRM and your usage data, we are the ones to help you get there!

If any of that sounds like you, then hit us up via our contact form and we'll be happy to set up a call.